Cash Up misses payments


Sometimes, an afternoon Cash Up may appear to be excluding payments that can be confirmed to have been received during the afternoon shift.  This knowledgebase article explains why this might happen, how to fix it, and what to do to prevent it from re-occurring.

Underlying challenge

When invoices and payments are processed, they are generally recorded using the time on the computer clock. So, if you process a payment at 10am, it is recorded internally with a time of 10am. However, there are some circumstances where an invoice (or payment) can be recorded with a different time. The most common of these is where a patient is booked for an appointment in the afternoon, but arrives in the morning. If the operator simply clicks on the afternoon appointment (without first moving the appointment into the morning shift), then the invoice (and payment) is recorded with an afternoon time.

Later on, when the morning shift is cashed up, the system becomes confused. Whilst you may be cashing up around lunchtime, the system sees an invoice (and possibly a payment) already recorded for a time much later in the day. To cope, the system artificially moves the close-time for the morning shift to be mid-afternoon so that it encompasses the stray invoice. At that moment in time, everything appears to be fine - but when you cash up your afternoon shift, the system has become very confused, as it thinks it is cashing up monies from "mid-afternoon to end-of-shift" instead of "lunchtime to end-of-shift".


To prevent the problem from re-occurring

Make sure that if someone arrives in the morning, but has an appointment later in the day: Move the appointment before you process it.

To fix the problem if it has occurred

Go to the Management menu and choose 'Review Cash Ups'. This will allow you to spot the problem cash-up, delete it, and re-enter it at the correct time. However, note that this will have happened because of a 'stray invoice' (as described above), and it may make the proper end-of-day cash up look a little strange even once you've fixed up the lunch-time cash up.

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