Blank Receipts


If Capable 21C prints two receipts instead of one occasionally, with the second receipt being mostly blank, this knowledgebase article may help. Also, if Capable 21C previews receipts with information missing (such as payment information), this article may help.

Underlying challenge

Capable 21C examines the size of the box in the Receipt Design and uses that size to determine how many items can fit on a single receipt. If the box has been accidentally shortened, Capable 21C may calculate that only a single item can fit on the first page of the receipt. Worse still, Capable 21C may calculate that it can only fit less than a single item on the first page of the receipt. When this occurs, Capable 21C will draw a second receipt and print some of the information on it, unnecessarily.

Capable 21C uses this kind of logic to determine if it is currently printing the last page of an invoice/receipt/statement. If the box is too short, Capable 21C may accidentally determine that it is not printing the last page of the invoice/receipt, when indeed, it really is. When this occurs, Capable 21C may fail to print (or preview) information such as payments received.


To correct this problem, review the stationery design for both the Private and Insurance invoice to ensure that they both allow a tall enough box for receipt items to be printed.

Detailed Information

To review the stationery design:

  • Go to Setup|Stationery|Private Invoice/Receipt Design.
  • Examine the size of the box entitled ‘Services, Doctor Details, Item Codes and Prices will appear here’. Capable 21C supports several variations on this name, but all are clearly similar.
  • Ensure that the box is tall enough to fit three or more receipt items.
  • Click Save and Exit.
  • Repeat steps 1-4, but for Insurance Invoice/Receipt Design.
  • This is wrong:


    This is correct:

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