Automate Backups with Memory Sticks


Capable Software does not support any particular backup devices, media or tools. However, it is highly recommended that each office instigate some form of regular (eg daily) backup regime to protect their data. This article describes one possible way to automate a Capable 21C data backup using a memory stick.

Underlying challenge

There are two challenges to automating a backup of Capable 21C:

  • The Capable 21C database is not always necessarily located in the same folder on every computer.
  • Each computer automatically allocates a letter to the USB Memory Stick when it is first plugged in. This letter is not the same for all computers, though is usually E or F.

Capable 21C does support the ability to create custom buttons on the button bar, and these buttons can be attached to external programs. This technique allows a backup script to be written and semi-automated via the buttons on the button bar.

Follow the steps outlined below to setup this kind of backup.


The main steps involved in creating an automated backup are as follows:

  • Create a folder on the hard drive as a temporary store for the backup.
  • Create the backup script that will be executed when the button is clicked.

These instructions are designed for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The instructions will vary slightly for older versions of Windows.

To create a folder on the hard drive as a temporary store for the backup:

  • Click the Start button and choose Run.
  • In the Run window, key ‘CMD.EXE’ and press ENTER.
  • At the black command prompt window, key: CD \ and press ENTER
  • The prompt should change to C:\>. Now key the following command: MD CAPBACKUP and press ENTER
  • The prompt will not change. Close the command window.

To create the backup script:

  • Click the Start button and choose Run
  • In the run window, key ‘NOTEPAD.EXE’ and press ENTER.
  • In the Notepad window, transcribe the following text:

CD \
XCOPY \Capable\*.* \CAPBACKUP /S /Y

Note that E: has been selected for the memory stick. If the memory stick adopts the letter F instead of E, F should be substituted on the last line.

The notepad window should look like this:

  • Close the Notepad window. Notepad will prompt whether you want to save the file. Choose Yes.
  • Key C:\CapBackup\Backup.bat and press ENTER. The notepad window will disappear.

To create the button within Capable 21C and link the script to it:

  • Start Capable 21C.
  • From the Setup menu, choose Customise Button Bar
  • Drag any button onto the button bar.
  • Hold down the CTRL, ALT and SHIFT keys together, and click on the new button.
  • Capable 21C will prompt for the text to appear on the button. Key: Backup and press ENTER.
  • Capable 21C will prompt for the application to execute. Key: C:\CapBACKUP\Backup.bat and press ENTER.
  • Capable 21C will confirm the filename selected as C:\CapBackup\Backup.bat. Press ENTER to confirm.
  • Close the Button Bar Option window.
  • Ensure that the memory stick is connected to the computer and click the newly created Backup button to test it.
This knowledge resource is designed for use on a Windows (tm) XP system operating at a screen resolution of 1024x768 or better. Windows Media Player must be installed for this training resource to operate correctly.

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