Assigning different printer trays to practitioners


Capable 21C has the ability to print invoices and receipt from different printer trays depending on which practitioner rendered the services or products. The article describes how to configure this feature.

Underlying challenge

Capable 21C normally prints all invoices and receipts to the Receipt Printer as specified in Setup|Setup Printers. Note that these settings are unique to each PC in the office (so different PCs can print invoices to different printers). Once an appropriate printer has been nominated for receipts and invoices, Capable 21C will normally print all invoices and receipts to the default tray as configured in the Windows printer driver for that printer. By following the steps in the resolution (below), the tray can be varied from practitioner to practitioner.


To specify a different tray for a particular practitioner:

  • Go to Setup|Setup Practitioners.
  • Double click on the Practitioner in question. /li>
  • Go to the Business tab.
  • Change the tray as specified in the drop down list.
  • Detailed Information

    Note that Capable 21C automatically detects which print trays are available based on the printer driver that has been nominated for invoices and receipts. This means that if a printerless driver has been specified (eg Print to File, Print to Adobe PDF, Print to Microsoft Document Imagewriter) for invoices and receipts, Capable 21C will not be able to detect any print trays. In these cases, the dropdown list of trays may be empty. To fix this problem, go back to Setup|Setup Printers and choose the correct printer driver for printing receipts.

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