Appointment book is completely greyed out


Under some circumstances, Capable 21C can alter the appearance of the appointment book so that all shifts are completely greyed out. This can also result in existing appointments being pushed aside (to the right) making it appear as though they have disappeared. This knowledgebase article discusses the causes for this problem, and how to fix it.

Underlying challenge

When practitioner shift times are changed, when the duration of appointments change, or when the number of slots per practitioner changes, Capable 21C attempts to automatically update the practitioner’s lunch breaks to accommodate the new settings. If this automatic update does not complete correctly, it can result in lunch breaks (or grey periods before the start of the day and after the end of the day) having an incorrect length. This will result in grey block outs extending into (or completely over) normal shifts that should not be blocked out.


To resolve this problem, follow these steps:

  • Go to Setup|Setup Practitioner Details.
  • Double click on the affected practitioner. /li>
  • Go to the Hours tab.
  • Re-type any one of the times to enable the ‘Apply Shift Times’ button. The time does not need to be altered – only re-keyed.
  • Click the Apply Shift Times button and wait while Capable 21C reconstructs the appointment book.
  • Close the Setup windows.
  • Detailed Information

    The Apply Shift Times button will re-assert all lunch breaks and ‘outside hours’ entries for the affected practitioner’s appointment book. Normally, this button will only become enabled if the practitioner’s shift times are changed. However, using the technique described above, it is possible to trick Capable 21C into allowing the button to be clicked.

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